Key Lime Pie

Sausalito Seahorse

This Friday night, we played at the Sausalito Seahorse again. It was a blast! We had a great turnout with the local Seahorse patrons that live on the houseboats and many of our friends that normally don't get to come out. My wonderful friends Al and his wife Roxanna, and my co-workers that live in San Francisco and Petaluma made the long drive to Sausalito. I was really touched and a little nervous because they had never seen us play before, but after a drink, the nerves went away and I was carried away by the music. Ivica, our new guitarists was thrashing on guitar, all night long! It is safe to say that we gave new meaning to some song endings, like "Long Train"! It was so much fun, I really can't say that enough. Thanks to all our friends who came out to see us, and to Randall and Mike, who continue to be our greatest fans!