Key Lime Pie

Corinthian Yacht Club

Okay, this past weekend was a three day gig weekend! I wrote about the Farmer's Market, and the Sausalito Seahorse. and honestly when Saturday came around and it was time for this third gig at the Corinthian, I was like, "Oh hell No!", but I am happy to say that I was dead wrong! First of all I love to play music with these guys anytime, and when we don't get together to practice, I feel like life gets a little discombobulated. Playing music with my band, is the one thing that keeps me sane, or grounded. This gig reminded me of that more than anything.

We set up on the deck of the Club with the beautiful view of the bay and San Francisco in front of us! It was so inspirational! It was also our drummer, Eric Engstom's, birthday, so we had to sing him the happy birthday song and have some tequila shots to celebrate! We played and watched the sunset, while people danced all night until quitting time! I must say there was some dirty dancing going on at that Yacht Club. Those people know how to party! We all really rose to the occasion and just had a great time. People often ask me, how I can dance so much up on stage? My answer is always, "I just feel the music, and look who I am playing with"! I just feel so fortunate to be able to play with such talented and amazing musicians that I can call my family.

It was great to have Randall and Mike there at the gig again, who are members and our fans. I also want to thank Randall for taking care of us by making sure we had everything we needed. It was an amazing gig. My favorite out of the three and I hope one we can do again in the near future!